The Construction Industry Will Move Towards Tech– There’s No Other Choice!

Ron #4- The Construction Industry Will Move Towards Tech - It Has No Choice! (1)

Why is it that the construction industry continues to be on the outside looking in as the tech world blows up all around it? 


For years I was left stumped by this very question. 

You have watched as every aspect of life has made its move with technology but cannot get your contractor to use their cellphones to call or text you back. This is all changing right before our eyes, and I am super excited to witness it all unfold. The industry is at a critical time, it will have to embrace technology or be forever left behind to others that will. I believe the industry will embrace technology 100% and will not be left behind and forgotten in the stone age. 


Here is why:

The Trends Point To It

One of the biggest trends in construction heading into 2022 is technology. The industry and its leaders understand that to survive, they must figure out how to adapt to what the customer and business needs. We have seen great moves throughout the 2020’s and a desire to allow software companies to make everything more efficient and productive. This will continue throughout the entire industry heading into 2023 a year I see as a turning point across the board.


Younger Leaders

We are seeing more young leaders come up the ranks faster, giving us decision makers that have been around technology their entire life. When a problem presents itself, they look for a way to solve it at scale and with ease. Second and third generation leaders are also driving this train home as they step into roles looking to leave their mark. It is no wonder tech is heating up and trending in construction.


Customers Are Asking For It

When your customers start asking for something, most listen. In the construction industry this has taken years to catch up with what the customer wants. As the homes all turn more automated the customer expects their experience with the contractor to do the same. This is pushing the industry to meet the needs of its customers and if there is one thing that can change an industry this is it.


It Exists and There Are Options

The days of “they do not make something like that” are over. Everything is at your fingertips as a contractor these days and you can take advantage of it today. From managing your calendar, drawing proposals, and communicating with your customers– there is something on the market to make it seamless and help solve the biggest issues out there.


It is safe to say tech is here and ready to grow in the construction industry. The adoption has been slow so far, but I see this changing quickly as contractors become used to using different platforms. 


The days of not being able to get a call back will soon be old news with technology allowing you to communicate directly with the right person every time. The industry has made its choice and that is to step into and allow tech to help them deliver, while also letting them do what they are great at and that is a win for everyone!

Ron Nussbaum Contributor
Co-Founder of Nuttnest

Ron is a Dynamic, results-oriented leader. He is a Conductor of change that never accepts the status quo or an excuse. After serving in the Marine Corps., he spent over a decade in the construction industry working in many facets from field, sales, leadership, and management. He is the Founder and CEO of Nuttnest. Ron uses his knowledge and experiences to help others grow and change the overall mindset around construction. Pushing the industry into the 21st century and removing the old stigmas and limiting beliefs around construction.

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