Meerkat Village launches App for Community-Powered Child Care

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Meerkat Village, the platform that improves outcomes for children by connecting the adults surrounding them, is now live in major app stores. 

The recent development will enable more people to provide high quality and equal care to children, no matter the culture or ethnicity.

Founded by Dr. Crystal Morrison, Meerkat Village is a platform created for the main purpose of helping adults who support children with special needs by creating a collaborative space for parents, therapists, and educators to discuss, plan, and monitor the progress of a child. The village stays with the child until they’re 18. 

This innovative software  aims to break down barriers between these people and empower them to provide the best possible care for the children.

"My WHY includes those mothers. Through both adoptions and well after, I’ve relied on a tremendous village to provide valuable insight and support. While my children currently have access to great health care, education, and family support, I worry tremendously about their ability to continue to grow and thrive in Pittsburgh as a black man and a black woman."

says Dr. Crystal Morisson, Founder of Meerkat Village

With this in mind, Dr. Morrison started the Meerkat Village platform to provide high-quality, compassionate care to special needs children and give parents a forum to connect with other parents facing similar challenges. Dr. Morrison believes that treatment teams, caregivers, parents of special needs children, and their families and communities should all work together to provide quality care to these children. 

With the help of Jared Yellin and the amazing talent and the resources that are available at Project 10K, there’s no doubt that Dr. Morrison and her team will be able to achieve their goals of creating a positive impact, not just in their community but also the world. 

You can learn more about Meerkat Village by visiting their website:

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