How to Be The Go-To Podcast Guest In Your Chosen Industry

Let’s Dominant Guest Spots on Podcast in Your Industry

So, you want to start guesting on a podcast but don’t know how to start or even what to say? Let’s walk through how you can dominate your industry because that’s where your expertise lies, you are 100% sure  you have something to say about it, and have the solutions to solve problems that plague it.

This will be a grind and the results will come down the road like many things. This one will pay dividends over time in many facets, but you will never know until they present themselves. 

Do not get overwhelmed or discouraged while at it. Maintain discipline, and always make connections and network. The great thing about podcasts, they are always looking for experts to talk to and that is you!


1. Create a list of all podcasts that are specific to your industry.

Do this by using google to search, and find the podcasts in your niche. Use an excel spreadsheet to track this information in one place.


2. Send friend requests, follow and like the pages of the specific podcast you found  related to your industry.

This may seem like a make work task, but connection is always key. Establish familiarity and get them to notice you. Popping up here and there with your valuable inputs this will start to create some magic.


3.Have a story and subject that you are passionate about in your industry.

95% of podcasts will want you to bring relevant conversation and not just promote your business. Your content should promote it by talking about the problem that you are solving. Have a message that is to the point, which explains your desire to help, and create the alignment you want to have with your audience. 


4.Join podcast groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and EXT.

This might sound like a rabbit hole full of wannabe podcasters, but I have found some of my best podcast connections in these groups. It’s worth a try. 


5.Network your way in.

Today so many people have podcasts! Don’t forget to go through your connections and network. This can be the easiest way and most overlooked way to start building your skills and growing confidence on a podcast.



Nothing will happen or fall into your lap unless you make it. Put a system and plan, do it EVERYDAY! Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!


I have personally used this strategy to book over a dozen podcasts in one week. The best part that comes from finding and working with podcasts in your industry? They are there for your customers and that’s who listens. The introductions and network you are building while on this journey will dramatically influence your success and future.


Ron Nussbaum Contributor
Co-Founder of Nuttnest

Ron is a Dynamic, results-oriented leader. He is a Conductor of change that never accepts the status quo or an excuse. After serving in the Marine Corps., he spent over a decade in the construction industry working in many facets from field, sales, leadership, and management. He is the Founder and CEO of Nuttnest. Ron uses his knowledge and experiences to help others grow and change the overall mindset around construction. Pushing the industry into the 21st century and removing the old stigmas and limiting beliefs around construction.

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