Cutting-Edge App for Seamless Construction Project Management now LIVE on Apple and Google App Stores 

Cutting-Edge App for Seamless Construction Project Management now LIVE on Apple and Google App Stores 

Nuttnest, a cutting-edge app built specifically for construction businesses to help contractors improve client experience and create fewer communication gaps, is now available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Founded by Ron Nussbaum, Nuttnest aims to provide exceptional client experience from end to end. Ron understands the difficulties that come with being a contractor, and wants to help them thrive with the ultimate one-stop platform for contractors and their customers. After serving in the Marine Corps., he spent over 11 years in the construction industry from working in the field, sales, leadership, and management. Ron uses this knowledge and past experiences to help others grow and change the overall mindset around construction.

According to, “30% of clients are frustrated with their contractors due to poor communication.”

Nuttnest was built from the ground up to make client management easy. With Nuttnest, contractors can now move past the communication friction and client frustration. 

In one easy app, contractors can now message clients, provide clients with a contact directory, upload progress photos, manage new quotes & contracts, and way more. With instant chat, directories for the business, project management and project estimates everything one needs is in there.

With simple messaging, easy-to-follow project dashboards, and a way to collect new project requests, one can manage the entire construction business from one place.

With Nuttnest, businesses get better reviews, have more frictionless projects and grow the business.

Build better client relationships, close more projects, and operate your business more efficiently—all from one seamless app.

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